We adopt 3D CAD/CAM in the development of products. Strict supervision in each process ensures maximum precision in dimension. Our products have undergone rigorous tests under the harshest conditions, so they can meet requirements of various application environments.

The quality control department not just aims to test products and exclude the unqualified ones, but more important is to control and find problems during the process.

Maintenance & Protection

High-quality AISI304 and AISI316 stainless steel are adopted as the raw materials. AISI304 has excellent corrosion resistance and reasonable price, which is widely used for indoor decoration. AISI316 has better corrosion resistance and is applicable to outdoor environments.

Stainless Steel Tea Staining
Incorrect specification, fabrication or subsequent handling in coastal environments may cause stainless steel to discolor, impairing the overall look. The brown discoloration or tea staining has been identified in coastal applications in Australia and overseas.

Tea staining mostly occurs within the distance of five kilometers from the beachfront or a few hundred meters from a sheltered bay. Other environmental factors may contribute to the problem, such as wind exposure, industrial pollution and elevated temperatures, so tea staining may occur in areas that is 20 kilometers away from the sea. However, tea staining can be controlled.

Design, Fabrication and Handling
Poor design and fabrication can lead to tea staining or more serious corrosion of stainless steels. In the design stage, it is advised to avoid crevices such as intermittent welds and areas where water can gather. During the fabrication process, carbon steel contamination should be avoided.

Choose a Smoother Surface
Salt may deposit on the rough surface, which may promote tea staining. To reduce the risk of tea staining, choosing or creating a smoother surface is a great solution. Smoother surface will stay clean between washes and there are not deep surface grooves where chlorides and other contaminants can concentrate.

A process called picking can be used to remove surface contaminants, but it may dull the surface. An alternative method is electro polishing which has an additional benefit of brightening the surface.

Specify Grade'316'Stainless Steel
As mentioned in the previous section, AISI316 is suitable for marine and highly corrosive environments. Though it has outstanding corrosion resistance, tea staining will appear if the product is not washed regularly. In order to keep the smooth surface and prolong service life, it is suggested to do regular maintenance and use lanolin protective products.

Rain washing the stainless steel surface can help reduce tea staining, and thus being an important factor during the design process. The best result is achieved by washing with soap or mild detergent and warm water followed by rinsing with clean cold water.

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