Stainless Steel Glass Clamp (Flat,42.4, 48.3, 33.7)

Used to fix 6 to 10mm glasses with blind rivet nuts and cap screws, the stainless steel or zamak glass clamp is made of high-quality AISI304 or AISI316 stainless steel and processed by satin or mirror finish, thus having beautiful appearance and strong fixity. Two vertically positioned clamps can support approximately 60 to 80 kilograms. In addition, gaskets should be ordered.

Our company provides a variety of stainless steel or zamak glass clamps, such as stainless steel glass clamp, stainless steel middle D type glass clamp, stainless steel small square wide type glass clamp, etc. We also offer OEM service. Customers in need of this product or service are welcome to contact us.

We are a professional stainless steel glass clamp manufacturer in China. We also provide stainless steel small square type glass clamp, stainless steel flat handrail flange support, aluminium glass channel, and much more.

Related Names
Stainless Steel Glass Clamp | Zinc Material Glass Clamp | D Type Flat Glass Clamp

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